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Our Vision

Kentegra is a name that represents the integration of our Partners knowledge and experience in commercial real estate development. These Partners use a collection of expert’s approach for each project to focus on building and managing highly efficient mission-critical facilities that are purpose-built to meet the requirements of its Data Center, Healthcare, and Life Sciences clients, who rely on their facilities to deliver highly responsive data processing and distribution, regulated healthcare services, and regulated research and manufacturing activities.


Through the successful development and management of mission-critical facilities, the Kentegra partners have developed unique facility qualification protocols and management programs that it integrated into known best practice commercial real estate development processes to deliver purpose-built facilities that maximize business continuity.

Clients praise our attention to detail, along with these proven mission-critical facility development procedures, qualification protocols, and management programs. These valuable client insights continue to shape our vision and strengthen our commitment to our client’s success.

The Kentegra Team

The Partners of Kentegra and their team of experts are dedicated to meeting client’s requirements. We assemble a dynamic team of proven professionals for each project, dedicated to providing the utmost attention to detail to each phase of the project. We are ready to offer our clients and investors value-engineered, purpose-built solutions that result in superior mission-critical facilities.

As experts in tilt-wall construction, Kentegra is able to offer optimization of both design and budget. Offering endless aesthetic possibilities while keeping cost of construction low, tilt-wall construction is the ideal method of construction.

Kentegra is well versed in developing Class A industrial / flex assets within the life sciences market with exceptional attention to detail, superior weatherproofing and insulation, built-up roofs, dedicated public utility transformers, emergency power generators, significant HVAC and state of the art environmental monitoring and control equipment.

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Join us to build and manage superior mission-critical facilities that are purpose-built to support our client’s requirements for superior real estate assets.

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